Integrated Supports

Supportive Living Models

We are proud members of the community with homes located in many Calgary neighbourhoods. We offer a variety of choices for adults with developmental disabilities who may also have mental health diagnosis.

How We Help

Daily living and home life

  • Medication administration
  • Personal care
  • Budgeting
  • Food preparation and cooking

Accessing the community

  • Appointments
  • Shopping
  • Recreation
  • Social connections
  • Education
  • Support with volunteer or paid employment

Our crisis response system is available to provide assistance and support after hours.



Three Models of Service

Staffed model homes

  • Homes are shared by between 2-4 individuals
    • Rents, utilities and other costs are shared
  • Suitable for individuals that require supervision and a structured environment
  • Efforts are made to match individuals that will live well together
  • Flexible staffing is provided based on needs
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly checklists are completed to create a safe home

Supportive roommate model

  • Private home of community members hired as staff
  • Suitable for individuals who require less structure and supervision
  • Focus on increasing independence
  • Provide guidance for success in day-to-day living
  • Matches are made between the individual and the supportive roommate
  • Many of our roommates have been together long-term and share a special bond

Supportive neighbour model

  • Individuals lives independently in their own home
  • Receive supports from staff to assist with:
    • Appointments, activities, home maintenance, budgeting and other aspects of daily living
  • This model fills in gaps in support and provides reassurance to individuals

Better Together Club

The BTC provides a variety of scheduled and drop in activities for individual receiving supports from Supported Lifestyles

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Support Approach Team

Behavioural consultations and assessments for guardians and teams including Family Managed services

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