Intake Information

Accessing Services

We strive to obtain all relevant information that will guide to provide the best service possible. Services are offered to individuals who have funding through Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) including Family Managed Services. Please refer to for more information.

What to expect from the intake process.

  • Involvement from the individual, their guardians and family, and any other involved professionals
  • Use of various tools to assess the individual’s needs, risk assessment
  • Collection of  information regarding their life, strengths, interests, goals and areas of assistance
    • Previous assessments
    • Past support plans
    • School or individualized program plans (IPP) plans
    • Medical reports
    • Other assessments (e.g. occupational therapy, speech language pathology)
  • Revision of individual’s rights in service and introduce them to relevant policies and procedures

After initial assessment, the team creates strategies to provide quality, consistent care that will support the individual in attaining their goals, and leading a meaningful life. This process is repeated annually, and as needed, which ensure the individual is receiving the most appropriate and effective care. All supports and strategies developed and implemented with the individual are documented, and records are retained for each person accessing services.

Residential Services

A variety of living models for adults with developmental disabilities who may also have mental health diagnosis

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Community Supports

A community-based program that focuses on meaningful activities, volunteering, and inclusive employment

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Complex Needs

Specialized supports for those with concurrent mental health disorders, substance use or other high-risk lifestyle choices

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