Awareness September 30, 2022

October is DEAM – Disability Employment Awareness Month

Celebrate DEAM!



October is DEAM – Disability Employment Awareness Month

Every October, many across Canada, and here in Alberta celebrate and recognize Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM).  The goal of DEAM is to recognize and raise awareness for inclusive employment.  As DEAM Alberta states, “Persons with disabilities face barriers to employment and each year DEAM provides an opportunity for employers, people with disabilities, service providers and Canadians to come together to act in removing barriers and creating a more inclusive economy.

DEAM is celebrated through many activities during the month including:

  • Provincial and local declaration of October being DEAM
  • October 3, 2022 – 11:00 to 12:00
    • DEAM Calgary Kick Off at Calgary City Hall Atrium
  • October 12-13, 2022
    • DEAM IDEA Conference in Canmore
  • DEAM Employer Awards
  • and more

If you know an employer who sets a high standard for inclusive employment, you can nominate them for a DEAM Award on the DEAM Alberta site.

More information regarding DEAM and the above events can be found at:

DEAM Alberta site

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