AccreditationAnnouncement January 20, 2023

Congratulations – CET Accreditation Updates

Great Job Everyone!



Congratulations – CET Accreditation Updates

In May 31-June 3, 2022 Supported Lifestyles completed our CET Accreditation Survey with Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS).  14 individuals along with their guardians (where applicable) participated in conversations with surveyors.  A total of 32 employees were involved in the conversations.

This was our first year being evaluated using the ACDS 2021 CET Standards.

We are pleased to announce that we achieved 100% for the survey with only two suggestions to consider for improvement, and no mandatory recommendations.  Our agency was commended with the following:

  • For the involvement of individuals from outside the agency in our Speak Up self-advocacy class for individuals
  • For the thoroughness/completeness of the Assistive Technology/Environmental Interventions (AT/EI) binders that includes a description of all AT/EI in each home and describes how, why, and when  staff or individuals should use the equipment, associated documentation of that equipment and how to maintain and monitor it
  • For staff ability and commitment to honouring individual choices, preferences and heritage, even if that means advocating on behalf of the individual against guardian wishes

We want to thank everyone for the dedication and support provided to the individuals we support and the commitment to a successful survey.

Click below for a full report from ACDS:
2022 Supported Lifestyles CET Accreditation Final Report