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CET Accreditation 2022

May 31 to June 3, 2022 – Important dates to remember!! Our agency is once …



CET Accreditation 2022

May 31 to June 3, 2022 – Important dates to remember!!

Our agency is once again due to participate in our CET Accreditation survey which occurs every 3 years. A group of surveyors will be coming to evaluate our agency.  This includes reading through our Policies and Procedures; looking at files; speaking with individuals in service, their Guardians (if applicable) and staff.

In our last CET update, I shared the results from the last survey in 2019.  This time, I would like to let you know about the NEW standards for CET.

The were released from ACDS (Alberta Council of Disability Services) in late 2021 and will be the Standards used to evaluate agencies as of April 2022.  Previously CET was comprised of 47 standards, with over 150 indicators.  The new standards have been retooled to 7 Standards, with under 90 indicators.  Please note that expectations to provide quality service to our individuals have not changed.  It is our desire to provide the best care we can to those we support.

What will surveyors talk about?

During conversations, surveyors will ask questions about certain topics related to the new standards. Questions will be asked regarding the client’s viewpoint and the staff’s.  Topics include:

  • Inclusion – how is the individual included in the community and social situations? Is the individual engaged in employment, volunteer, recreation, leisure, and social activities?  Does the individual have any Assistive Technology and or Environmental Interventions (AT/EI) to assist in their independence or safety?
  • Rights – does the individual have privacy and input to how their home is maintained or setup? Do they have the ability to express their culture, religion, gender preferences, and practices?  Has the Conflict Resolution process ever been used or followed?  What does the individual practice choice and autonomy?  How are their human and legal rights observed or respected?
  • Service Planning – Does the individual have access to an intake process and assessments needed for their care? What planning processes are in place to ensure quality of care and service?  Do behaviour approaches meet best practices?
  • Relationships – Does the individual have access to relationships that are healthy and respectful? Do they have connections that do not include those paid to support them (i.e. natural   supports)?
  • Health and Safety – Does the individual feel safe in all environments they participate in (home and community)? Do they receive support to maintain their physical and mental health?  Is the individual safe and supported for Abuse Prevention and awareness?  Does the agency consider possible risks for the individual?

The agency is also evaluated on their Human Resources practices, as well as the Governance and Administration of the agency.