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CET Accreditation Update

May 31 to June 3, 2022 – Important dates to remember!! What will happen? The …



CET Accreditation Update

May 31 to June 3, 2022 – Important dates to remember!!

What will happen?
The team of surveyors come every 3 years to perform the survey. A few months prior to the survey dates, our agency submits extensive information regarding our policies, procedures, and agency practices to ACDS and the survey team.  They will carefully evaluate this information to ensure it meets each of the Standards.

The survey team is then scheduled to meet with the agency for at least three days but can be up to five.  On the first day, they will meet with the agency’s management team to discuss any follow up or clarification needed.  The rest of the week/days they will meet with randomly pre-selected individuals (chosen before the survey week), their guardians (if applicable), frontline staff, supervisory staff, and Support Approach Consultants.  They will have scheduled conversations with the individual and their support team.  Each scheduled conversation is booked in 3 hour windows to allow the surveyor to talk with the team that supports the individual.  However, the surveyor will only talk to each person for a maximum of 45 minutes (maybe less).

An example of the schedule for a conversation

The surveyor recognizes that the individual in service may not have the skill or ability to express their answers.  The surveyor may ask the questions in a way that the individual is able to provide some answers but may then also ask the guardian (if applicable) for their input and clarification.  The surveyor may also ask to see certain practices within the support home/location.  For example, they may ask to see emergency equipment (i.e. fire extinguishers, etc.), ask permission to see the individual’s room, ask to see safe bathing tracking, etc.  From this conversation window, the surveyor will use the answers given by everyone to evaluate if the agency meets the standards.

In addition to the conversations, the surveyors will also review the selected client files and a randomly selected group of staff files.  Authorizations from clients/guardians and staff are obtained prior to any file review occurring.

It is our desire to have another successful survey.  If you haven’t done so already, please submit the consent forms allowing surveyors to view staff and client files.  Consent forms were emailed to each staff within our LTD. company and to each individual/guardian.