Residential Services

Community Homes

The residential team provides a necessary and invaluable service to our clients promoting inclusive community activities and support in their residential homes.

As a dynamic team, that takes an holistic approach to care, and ensuring the life style goals of our clients are met, we assist in the following areas; liaising with families and guardians (both public and private), goal planning and outcomes, skill development, recreational and leisure activities as they correspond with the clients goals and care needs, accessing services and utilizing available resources such as: health care, public services, emotional and behavioral supports. We provide Medication administration support and maintenance, assistance with meal preparation along with day to day living skills and household maintenance. We empower clients to be the best they can be!

Location of Services:

We have a variety of homes throughout the city that have 3-4 individuals residing in their communities. We have homes in all four quadrants of the city (NE, NW, SE, SW)

Hours of Support:

Residential Services offers flexible work schedules as we offer day, evening, and overnight shifts on both weekdays and weekends.

Supportive Roommates

Our agency also offers a Supported Roommate model of service that delivers the same supports as outlined in our service area description. This model of service has the client living in the approved staff member’s home. The Supported Roommate model of service provides the unique opportunity for clients to receive residential supports from an all-inclusive consistent family base. The Supported Roommates are agency employees that receive training, orientations, evaluations and guidance under our policies and procedures.