Personal Development Classes

The Support Approach Team with Supported Lifestyles Ltd. offers a numberof educational groups for individuals receiving PDD supports within the Calgary region. These group offerings focus on personal development and growth. We offer five 10-week classes and one 5-week class.Typically, we offer the 10-week courses twice annually; once starting thebeginning of fall, and once in the winter at the beginning of the new year. The 5-week class is offered based on interest, usually only once per year in the spring or summer.

Application information is sent out via email about one to two months prior to the beginning of the course. From there, individuals who are interested in attending will need to send in their completed applications,and we contact each applicant to schedule an interview. The purpose of the interview is to determine goodness of fit with the rest of group as well as to gather some information about what the individuals hope to learn so that facilitators can tailor the information to fit the needs of those attending

It’s also helpful for those who are new to our groups to attend an interview so that they can meet the facilitators and see the facility.Request Group InformatioFor information about any of our groups e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Groups Offered:

Class Name Topic Information Length
Women's Group

Individuality, diversity, women's health (physical and mental),self esteem,gender equality emotions, boundaries,communication,and more.

10 weeks
Men's Group

Individuality, diversity, men's health (physical and mental),self esteem, gender equality, emotions, boundaries, communication, and more.

10 weeks
Sexual Education and Healthy Relationships Identifying anger, stages of anger, responses to anger, personal triggers, calming techniques, control, assertive versus aggressive, and more. 10 weeks
Building, Understanding, and Developing Social Skills (BUDS) Meeting new people, conversation,communication, maintaining relationship,fair disagreements,healthy friendship, and more 10 weeks
Cyber Safety Online connections (e.g., Facebook and other social media), online dating, online selling and purchasing, and more. Focus throughout the group is navigating the internet safety and making safer decisions 5 Weeks

 For more information about the classes, interviews, scheduling, and more, please review our FAQs
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