Advance Care Planning


What is Advance Care Planning?

The Advance Care Planning in Canada- National Framework defines Advance Care Planning as “a process of reflection and communication in which a person with decision making capacity expresses his or her wishes regarding his or her future health and/or personal care in the event that he or she becomes incapable of consenting to or refusing treatment or other care”. 

Through the planning process an Advance Care Plan is developed which outlines and defines the individual’s wishes regarding medical treatment and care (as a result of occurrences, illnesses or serious health issues that causes the individual to become incapacitated).  Wills, Personal Directives, Power of Attorney, and Goals of Care Designation documents may be part of the Advance Care Plan.

How will we help clients, guardians and families with Advance Care Planning?

As part of our profile development process, and orientation process we will educate our staff on the critical elements in Advance Care Plans of individuals that we serve (should they exist).  This will ensure that staff are not only aware of the wishes of the individual, but can support them in carry out their wishes.

Our Agency is committed to:

·         Providing individuals and their guardians (if applicable) with information on Advance Care Planning at intake and on an ongoing basis through our website. 

·         We will encourage individuals and their families/guardians to actively participate in discussions on medical treatment and care for serious health issues.

·         We will engage in conversations on Advance Care Planning as necessary to seek clarity around what the individual’s wishes are (as we may be in a position to have to support individuals in carrying out their wishes if they have an Advance Care Plan). 

·         Above all our Agency is committed to ethical decision making and respecting the dignity and value of individuals with disabilities.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Advance Care Planning or click on any of the Resources listed for more information.

 Advance Care Planning Resources

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