Facilitation of Supports


Consistent with the philosophy of empowerment, Supported Lifestyles Ltd. encourages each person to pursue personal goals which are reflective of their values and attitudes. The Agency uses a Client Personal Goals planning process which reflects the person’s needs, wishes and interests. Personal goals and decisions provide the basis for determining what type of service/supports will be needed in order to realize goals. Additionally, support networks also provide information/observations and identify helpful suggestions regarding various training or treatment activities that might be beneficial in realizing opportunities for success.

Agency staff will facilitate access to community resources to assist in training and provide learning experiences to meet the person’s needs. The Agency uses in-house resources when necessary to respond to support needs (e.g., develop approaches, consult with psychologist).

Additionally, ongoing assessment and support services relating to mental health issues and behavioral challenges are provided. Behavioral/mental health support can include arranging events/environments to minimize stress, and teach new skills to enhance coping. Approaches that are developed assist staff and community members to see the person in positive ways.

The Agency supports pro-active positive support approaches to assist people in decision making and problem solving. Sometimes maintaining the safety and security of the people we support may lead to consideration of approaches that are regarded as restrictive. The use of planned interventions are subject to the informed consent of the person and/or their guardian, and are subject to professional review. Where unanticipated behavioral crisis occur, emergency restrictive procedures, consistent with the Creating Excellence Together Standards http://www.acds.ca/accred_council.php will be employed for safety.

The Agency maintains a high quality of service by facilitating the provision of supports on an individual basis which involves balancing various factors that each person requires to pursue a lifestyle which reflects their personal choice.