2019 Accreditation       

As you are aware, the Agency was surveyed by Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) May 6-10, 2019.

As required by our funder, Calgary Region and Community Board for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD), the Agency participates in this survey every three years to maintain our funding and to demonstrate a commitment to quality service provision. The survey team conducted conversatons with the individuals we support, their Guardians/family/friends, frontline staff, supervisory staff, and management. Along with the conversations, they conducted file reviews for client files and staff files.    


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Previous Survey (May 2016) Creating Excellence Together Reports

pdfSection 1 Quality of Life-Quality of Service 2016 May.pdf

pdfSection 2 Quality of Service 2016 May.pdf

pdfSection 3 Organizational Framework 2016 May.pdf

pdfSummary Letter Creating Excellence Together Report May_2016.pdf

Previous Survey (2013) Results